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Your home is likely your largest investment. Do you trust the bank, a Realtor or another vested party to give you honest advice? Your Income Tax Preparer can help you buy, sell or refinance your home at a rate that works for you.

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3 reasons to work with a residential loan originator

3 reasons to work with a residential loan originator

Your Realtor helped you find the perfect home. But can they help you get the best deal on your loan? Consider working with a mortgage professional to get:

1.Customized service-we have the expertise you need to get the best loan type for your situation.

2.Access to a variety of lenders-we can communicate quickly with local lenders to get you the best price.

3.Unbiased service-we work for you, not the bank and their board of directors.

Make sure you're financing your home in a way that's right for you. Contact Your Income Tax Preparer today to discuss your options with an experienced real estate professional.