Can't Come to Us? We'll Come to You.

Simplify your life by working with a traveling notary

Illness, immobility and lack of transportation can make visiting a notary impossible. We understand this struggle all too well, which is why Your Income Tax Preparer offers a traveling notary service.

We will come to you for all of your notary needs. We'll visit your home, a hospital, a care facility, or any other location to notarize legal documents at your convenience. Talk to a notary today to set up a stress-free appointment.

Need to notarize a document in Los Angeles County jail?

A common problem for inmates and their families is notarizing documents while in jail. Our notary is happy to provide this service.

Our minimum fee for Los Angeles County jail signings is $150 for one signature. We also have a maximum wait and transaction time of one hour. Additional fees for jail signings include:

  • $15 for each additional signature
  • $25 for each additional 15 minutes
  • $200 for Saturday visits
  • $250 for Sunday visits
  • $300 for holiday visits

Holiday visits depend upon the notary's availability. Additional travel fees may also apply.

Your Income Tax Preparer makes the notarization process easier for those currently incarcerated. Call 562-612-1102 today to schedule an Los Angeles County jail signing.