The Ultimate Tax Preparation Checklist

Does filing your taxes make you feel overwhelmed? Check out the ultimate tax preparation list to help reduce time and stress or just call the professionals at Your Income Tax Preparer TODAY.

Prep the Important Paperwork.
Get Your Deductions In Order.
Don't Forget Business Expense Deductions!
Set Money Aside To Pay For Your Taxes.
Estimate Out How Much You'll Owe (Or Get Back)
Plan Your Quarterly Tax Payments.
File Your Taxes!

Find out if you qualify for the Child Tax Credit

IR-2021-133, June 24, 2021

The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service today urged families to take advantage of a special online tool that can help them determine whether they qualify for the Child Tax Credit and the special monthly advance payments beginning on July 15.

Available exclusively on, the new Child Tax Credit Eligibility Assistant, launched earlier this week, is interactive and easy to use. By answering a series of questions about themselves and their family members, a parent or other family member can quickly determine whether they qualify for the credit.

READ MORE on how to use this tool and help you better understand if you qualify for the Child Tax Credit.